Ocean Freight

Take your ocean freight across the world with our shipping services

With shipping services from over 300 ports, Namdaran Shipping enables small and medium-sized businesses to grow. We not only connect your business globally, but also simplify your end-to-end logistics in the process.

Global network

We ship your cargo to over 300 ports in more than 150 countries.

Shipping expertise

Being supercharged by industry leader IRISL, we have the experts to ship your cargo smoothly.

End-to-end services

With our services we cover all the steps required for shipping your cargo from door to door.


Ocean shipping and go global with ease

What is Ocean Freight?

Over 90% of all the world’s trade is carried by sea – and even more in some countries. Ocean freight is the method of transporting containerized cargo loaded onto vessels by sea. 

As a general rule, shipments weighing more than 100kg – or consisting of multiple cartons – will be sent by sea freight. The containers are designed and built for intermodal freight transport. That means the containers can be used across various transportation modes – from ship to rail to truck – without unloading and reloading the cargo.

How can I ship my ocean freight around the world?

Our team of Namdaran Shipping gets your cargo on the vessel that best suits your needs. You book with us, and you’ll get the same network as the world’s biggest brands at no extra cost across 300+ locations in over 150 countries.

Covering over 300 ports worldwide

You might be a manufacturer, selling your goods to a customer abroad; or a small business owner, distributing and supplying products to companies. Find all the answers to your questions on different shipping routes.

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